The Project

Barangaroo development

A globally renowned urban renewal project on the western waterfront of Sydney’s CBD, managed by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority on behalf of the NSW Government.


Barangaroo aims to be sustainable today and for future generations. Its commitment is to be carbon neutral and water positive, to create zero waste emissions and contribute to community well-being.




Follow the Barangaroo development journey, from a 22-hectare disused container wharf to Sydney's vibrant new waterfront precinct.


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Barangaroo Delivery Authority

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority is a NSW Government agency responsible for the development of Barangaroo and management of its public spaces. 

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Project Update 2015-16

Barangaroo’s 2015-16 Project Update explores the latest exciting developments in this important reinvention of Sydney’s historic centre.
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Arts and public program

Good public art enriches places. Barangaroo will be a showcase of arts and culture for all to enjoy.

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