Barangaroo Concept Plan

The Concept Plan for Barangaroo was first approved by the NSW Minister for Planning in February 2007 and covers urban design and policy initiatives.  The Concept Plan is the statutory master planning instrument which guides the redevelopment of Barangaroo.

In February 2009, the NSW Government announced that 120,000 square metres of additional commercial floor space would be built at Barangaroo to help ensure Sydney remains a global headquarters in the Asia Pacific. In November 2009 further amendments were made to refine planning for Barangaroo Point and Northern Cove.

In December 2010, the Minister for Planning approved an amendment to the Concept Plan, allowing additional floor space, additional height and a landmark hotel on a public pier.

There have been four amendments to the Concept Plan since the original in 2007.  Links to the applications and approvals can be found below.

Date Determined Exhibition Date
Current Approved Concept Plan (Modification 4) 16 December 2010 11/8/10 to 10/9/10
Concept Plan Modification 3 11 November 2009 4/2/09 to 6/3/09
Concept Plan Modification 2 16 February 2009 16/7/08 to 15/8/08
Concept Plan Modification 1 25 September 2007 N/A
Concept Plan 9 February 2007 19/10/06 to 17/11/06


View a map of the future Barangaroo below, as currently approved in the Concept Plan.

Outline Plan